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Some things to know about cordless vacuum cleaners

As buying a new vacuum cleaner, we all want it to be the best choice that helps us easily deal with home cleaning tasks, right? To do that, the first thing we should do is to research about it. Along with information about the product’s features, functions, price, …, its pros and cons are also quite important factors that you should care about.

Well, if you are considering a cordless vacuum cleaner, this article may provide you with useful information. Right below here, we are going to you share with you some major advantages and disadvantages of this vacuum cleaner type. Now, let’s find out what they are!

Advantages of cordless vacuum cleaners

Here are 3 big advantages that we should know when it comes to the cordless vacuum cleaners:


One of the most obvious advantage of cordless vacuums is convenience. Thanks to the fact that they do not have a cord, so they do not limit us in movement. That means cordless vacuums are not just indoor cleaning tasks. We can use them for outdoor uses such as cleaning the car, the patio, etc.


On average, cordless vacuum cleaners are about 3 kilograms in weight. That’s so light as compared to regular, corded vacuums that weigh about 7 kilograms. Due to their lighter weight, cordless vacuums are much easier to move and carry around. They are also convenient to clean tough-to-reach places.

Easy to store

As featuring the compact design, the cordless vacuums take up less storage space in our houses. Hence, they can be stored quite easily.

Disadvantages of cordless vacuum cleaners

Everything has its pros and cons. And after mentioning the advantages of cordless vacuum, now it’s time to discuss its downsides. So what are they?

Battery life

Because cordless vacuums don’t have a cord and they run on a battery, there are possibilities that machines run out of power while cleaning. No one wants to be having to stop cleaning just because the battery runs out.

It takes time to recharge. Hence, you need to wait for it to charge full energy before it backs to work. For that reason, you should buy a vacuum cleaner with about 20 - 30 minutes of runtime so that you can clean your entire house in just one run.

Less powerful

The cordless vacuum cleaners are less powerful than many other vacuums. That’s why it seems quite difficult for them to suck the hard sticking dirt. For those who are looking for very powerful appliances, the cordless vacuums do not seem like the most ideal choice.

After going through a few big advantages and disadvantages of cordless vacuum cleaner, we hope that you have gained more understandings about this vacuum style. If you find it is not the best option for you because of the downsides, then you can look for other types of vacuums that have similar disadvantages. There are a lot of vacuum models out there, as long as you spend time searching, you will find the best vacuum cleaner for your home!


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